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Building A Safe Mailing List

Recently for those of you that are not aware yet, I had a surprise from mail chimp, in the way that they suspended an account I have had for a decade, and was not doing anything different that I know of, except for one thing, giveaways and jv marketing, but mostly giveaways.

I freakin' sell planners and white label commercial use products for heck's sake, and am technically an artist! This only proves, anyone can be a victim, without even realizing they are. If you are affiliate marketing of any kind, you run a risk, even if you are promoting free giveaways. I really do not know exactly what triggered this, (and mail chimp is a HORRIBLE service, no support, and they simply don't respond!) and after more than 3 weeks of scrambling trying to fix this, I have resolved myself to two things.

If you promote affiliate products, or are involved in any way with sending email to a list, this is something you should read... visit the CMA Forum to read the entire post!

Source: How To Build A Safe Mailing List - Contains Video