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7 Common Landing Page Errors
7 All-Too-Common Landing Page Errors You Must Avoid A properly designed and functioning website landing page is a thing of beauty. It greets customers warmly, informs leads, and even collects customer contact information. It presents news and in...
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Building A Safe Mailing List
Recently for those of you that are not aware yet, I had a surprise from mail chimp, in the way that they suspended an account I have had for a decade, and was not doing anything different that I know of, except for one thing, giveaways and jv marketi...
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Are you fake or authentic?
Fakes are everywhere, and now that CV19 is part of life, and the internet has become even more of the work and social ground, the fakes are becoming more apparent. They come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and ages. They call themselves gurus, coaches,...
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