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Give Old Age A Kick In The Butt
We are all getting older, it's a process we can't stop, no matter how hard we try, it will just carry on. There are of course, certain things, like actions, routines, eating, etc, that can help make it easier. One of those things is keeping...
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Get Unstuck In Your Life
There will come a time in life when you may feel that you are no longer living in the moment. You may look at things going on around you and feel hopeless and stuck, like you are on autopilot and things just happen to you, rather than you being the o...
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Why Self Discipline Is Important
Self-Discipline and Why It's ImportantSelf-discipline is an important skill every person who wants to achieve more in life should possess. Self-discipline is essential in every aspect of life. Even though most people recognize the benefits of self-di...
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Work Smarter Not Harder
Work Smarter, Not HarderEveryone knows anything worth having in this life is going to require a little hard work. But this doesn't always mean you have to work yourself to the point where you are totally exhausted and barely able to stay awake.High a...
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Creating Graphics With AI
Get Passionate About Creating Graphics With AIf you are a creator of any kind, this is the ONE subscription you need!I have personally been an artist at Creative Fabrica for several years. I simply love my gig there, and people seem to appr...
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4 Ways To Maintain Your Energy
You started the day ready to take on the world. From the moment you got out of bed, you’ve been thinking about all the things you’re going to get done today. You can’t wait to get started!Then it all falls apart.By the end of the day, you’re grumpy a...
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7 Secrets to Online Success
7 SECRETS TO ONLINE BUSINESS SUCCESS FOR STAY AT HOME MOMS!Make no mistake, anxiety site is one of those personal topics that are very sensitive to a whole lot of people. In fact, many people would fight you tooth and nail to deny that they are suffe...
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Earning Online Series - 4
EARNING ONLINE SERIES -4 GAINING FINANCIAL SUCCESSThere are a measure of wealth rules that must be abided by in order to accomplish financial, freedom, success and prosperity. For instance, rich individuals understand that they have to get paid based...
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Communicate More Clearly
 Let's put some color into this article, shall we?CLICK PLAY TO HEAR MUSIC AND WATCH...Communication is the foundation of everything we do. Whether you leave the house or not, you still communicate with others daily, be it online or in person. H...
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Earning Online Series -3
3: Make Money from Writing OnlineA quick search and you will discover there are many ways for you to make a living online. If you like to write there is a complete world that opens up for you. There is such a demand for writing, editing and proo...
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Earning Online Series - 2
2: Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money OnlineWhen it comes to looking for a way to earn money online, we all search for the right ‘gig’ to earn a full time income and get out of the 9 to 5 rat race. Here are some ways you can make money online wit...
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Earning Online Series -1
Earning Online Series -1: Passive IncomeThis is the first in an article series on earning online. I hope through this series of article posts I can help my readers learn and explore some new ways to create a passive or full time living online. S...
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Comparing Yourself To Others?
You are different from everyone else. Celebrate that. You offer a unique perspective in this game called life. We should all be thanking you. If you are constantly comparing yourself, it means you aren’t happy with who you are. Why is that?People are...
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Halloween Ideas and Festivities
Whether you are cooking for a feast of adults for Halloween or looking for some great kid approved recipes there are plenty of resources online for some excellent spooky recipes for All Hallows Eve. There are some basic rules that will help the meal ...
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20 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog
Have you been running a blog for some time? Then you have a lot of content. And the good news is, you can repurpose and reuse this content to quickly create additional content to sell, build your list and generate leads.Check out these 20 ideas… ...
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7 Common Landing Page Errors
7 All-Too-Common Landing Page Errors You Must Avoid A properly designed and functioning website landing page is a thing of beauty. It greets customers warmly, informs leads, and even collects customer contact information. It presents news and in...
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Building A Safe Mailing List
Recently for those of you that are not aware yet, I had a surprise from mail chimp, in the way that they suspended an account I have had for a decade, and was not doing anything different that I know of, except for one thing, giveaways and jv marketi...
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Are you fake or authentic?
Fakes are everywhere, and now that CV19 is part of life, and the internet has become even more of the work and social ground, the fakes are becoming more apparent. They come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and ages. They call themselves gurus, coaches,...
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